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Linda is grateful to have the endorsement of prominent leaders in

community service, business and academia.

Tim Kwan


Chair of the Board of Mon Sheong Foundation - 關永添 孟嘗會主席

Linda has been a tireless community volunteer and leader for many years in York Region. Since 2018 she has been engaging with and mentoring hundreds of youths in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) through her youth program. The program theme includes youth caring for seniors, as well as combatting racism through arts and STEM to save the environment. I have been fortunate enough to be a contributor and participate in such a program. This is why I am supporting Linda to be your next Municipal Councillor. I know she will excel and greatly contribute to Richmond Hill.

我支持Linda,懇請您投Linda 一票!

W. Glenn Rowe, Ph.D.

glennrowe (1).jpeg

Professor of Strategic Management

Ivey Alumni Association Toronto Chapter

Faculty Professor in Business Leadership

Ivey Business School, Western University

Linda was in my strategy class when she obtained her Executive MBA from the Ivey School of Business. She demonstrated the qualifications that were needed to do well in her EMBA, contributing well in class with brilliant ideas. What impressed me even more was her strong character and commitment. My course started halfway through the program. Linda was working full time as a senior leader of a publicly traded company and pregnant. Her son was born during the break week of her EMBA Program. She managed her time and her professional and personal life well. She did not miss any of my classes and completed her program on time. Linda's strong character proves that she is ready to take on challenges and has the ability to succeed. I strongly endorse Linda to be a city councillor and I am confident that she will build a better community.

Javad Mostaghimi


Professor, Mechanical Engineering

University of Toronto (Since 1990)

I have been working very closely with Linda over the past five years. She is extremely hard-working, professional and dedicated with a strong work ethic. Linda has strong communication skills that ensure effective dialogue between multiple stakeholders including universities, businesses, legal and governments. Linda's hard working character means she works long hours; from early morning to late night, and even on weekends when necessary. Her willingness to listen and learn, as well as her extensive experience with different industries enables her to make great and impactful decisions. I am confident Linda will be an excellent city councillor who will be your strong voice to build a better community.

لطفا به لیندا رای بدهید!

Angelo Del Duca


Chair of the Board of the York Angel Investors

Retired Ontario Director of the NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program

Former Industrial Technology Advisor at the National Research Council of Canada

I have worked with Linda on a number of different entrepreneurial initiatives over the past 10 years. It is a pleasure working with Linda to deliver outstanding results through contributing to the economic growth of the Community, both in terms of revenue generation as well as employment growth. We mentored and advised technology-based start-ups to join an international competition. The three companies that Linda and I selected to represent the Region and Canada all placed in the top ten companies in a Global competition, with one company being named the Champion and winning the Competition. Linda is very results oriented and I always have a strong personal sense of accomplishment during my working engagements with her. Linda not only possesses a solid entrepreneurial foundation to fuel success in companies, but is also sensitive to the needs of entrepreneurs and presents solutions to accomplish their objectives. These skills are extremely valuable in achieving a strong growth impact in the business community and I always look forward to working with her. I have found Linda to be very professional and I routinely refer her to assist and guide companies who are striving to succeed. I strongly believe that Linda will be an extremely qualified City councillor who will help local businesses and be a strong voice for the residents of Ward 6.


Io sostengo Linda!

Jeff Mah

Jeff Mah profile picture.png

Resident of Ward 6

Richmond Hill

(For over 30 years)

I have known Linda for many years through various community functions, including a charity organization specialising in senior care where she has been a long-serving ambassador. 


Linda is always energetic and passionate about the projects she sets out to do. One good example is Canadian Youth Champions which she co-chairs. Her strong leadership skills contribute to many successes throughout the year.


Linda is also a person who is not afraid to take on challenging situations where most people would just sit back. This attitude lifts the spirits of other members in the group, creating a positive atmosphere for everyone involved.


Linda’s ability to come up with fresh ideas  opens up different perspectives in seemingly routine practices. This quality of hers, along  with many others will help tackle evolving issues that the local ward may face as the demographic and the wider community continue to change in the years to come.


Please vote for Linda!

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